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Open positions

Tamara Dutta Institute
offers a truly original approach in the domain of body care and research in the field of well-being. Professionals looking forward to enriching their knowledge or improving their skills in body care, or who wish to bring in their own methods are welcome to join us. 

Brought up in the west but originally from Asia, Tamara was promptly fascinated by the ancestral Eastern natural formulae and methods used in the field of body care and massage. After residing in India and Japan, she has been able to practice different methods in body care. On returning to Europe, as a beautician she has applied and integrated in her profession, the acquired knowledge that she gained in India and Japan. She is specialized in skin rejuvenating methods, body care, cellulite control and stress management.

With her love and respect for the environment, Tamara has put forward the concept of organic products and uses them for their virtues within the norms defined by nature.

With an accurate know-how and proficiency, Tamara is well known among her clients who rely on her experience in the domain and for her relevant beauty counsels.

The beauty institute is situated in the heart of the city, in the tranquil area of the ‘Vieille Ville’’ that offers calmness that is both essential for mind and body relaxation.

Tamara has transformed her profession into a passion. Her strong will and belief has driven her to lavishly introduce her invented body care treatments in the beauty institute. She appreciates sharing her work with motivated, ambitious and enthusiastic partners.

We have openings for:

Beauty Specialists

Massage therapist (with a diploma)

Beauty and health therapist

All types of collaboration (employee, self-employed, partnership) may be considered at various times provided a high level of professionalism, is guaranteed and that it remains compatible with the global concepts of the institute.

Remuneration: Depends on proficiency and working hours (i.e. commission, compensation in % of sales etc...)

Work Duration: To be discussed (part time or full time)

Required skills: Reliable, commercial skills, ethical, flexible, impeccable appearance, valid work permit.

Interested candidates may send in their files (C.V. and copies of diplomas, certificates, permits) by post to:

Institut de soins Tamara Dutta "Aux Soins Naturels"
16, rue de la Pélisserie
1204 Genève

Or by Email to:

Please do not contact the Beauty Institute directly for candidacy.

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