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Tamara Dutta’s Institute brings together the long known technical know-how of touch and contact by extracting the hidden virtues of Swiss plants.

Tamara Dutta’s Indo-Swiss background has nourished her since her early childhood with the cultural Eastern knowledge of the Ayurveda and Yoga, thereby instilling in her a traditional knowledge passed down through generations.

Enriched with 35 years of experience, as a beautician she has constantly been in quest of new formulae for overall well-being and skin revitalization. She has specialized in various (body and facial) skin type treatments.



She offers her know-how by creating a whole range of home-made, 100% natural and organic products, along with a unique and incontestable line of anti-aging treatments and body skin rejuvenating regimens.

The uniqueness of the needs of each individual has brought this Institute to develop unique methods and formulae with respect to each individual’s demands and inner peace. This has thereby led to this salon becoming a place where the client is offered, via a healthy pause, to revitalize and enrich the bonds between the body and the mind.

Come and discover our universe of well-being and natural beauty.




Taking care of one’s self and pampering one’s body is discovering the deepest feelings
of one’s well-being and harmony.


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